1. If you practice once per week, no amount of lessons will ever fix your game
  2. Try playing two handed forehands to improve shoulder turn and rotation on the forehand
  3. When you get a sitter volley keep your eyes fixed on the contact point and no the target
  4. The key to improving for kid’s juniors and adults is learning how to listen and believe in the process
  5. Balance and body awareness are critical components to rock sold groundstrokes
  6. Have at least 6 different serves that challenge your opponent’s anticipation and timing!
  7. All great tennis players have had a lot of help along the way
  8. Try looking over your elbow on the overhead if you struggle to keep your non hitting arm up
  9. Don’t practice by hitting the ball down the middle, you will never get better.
  10. Enjoying the game is a key ingredient to maximum satisfaction and improvement
  11. If you over train you will end up in definite pain
  12. Quality practice always trumps mindless hours of hitting.
  13. Lean on the ball on your ground-strokes to take command of the points.
  14. Keep your elbow in and in front on your volleys!
  15. Have sound fundamentals before you start using the ball machine, or you will have good bad shots.
  16. Walk with your head up and shoulders back in between points to promote confidence and self-belief
  17. Practice the art of hitting in a straight line.
  18. Have the mindset of training as opposed to practicing and you will improve much faster.
  19. Your serve should resemble an upward axe throw over a mountain.
  20. It’s all about that magic lag in the wrist!
  21. Please do not bend your knees to toss the tennis ball!
  22. Don’t try so hard and you will play better!
  23. Feed the giraffe with your tossing arm for better balance on the serve
  24. One up and one back in Club level doubles should never be played!
  25. If you have a secret weapon, get your opponent to hit to it.
  26. Be aggressive while staying in control.
  27. Breath through your shots for timing and relaxation
  28. Commit to running for every ball and getting into stable hitting positions
  29. In Tennis like life, you get what you put in.
  30. Have an aggressive mindset on the return of serve.
  31. Try keeping your volleys at eye level for better contact.
  32. When serving have a precise ritual
  33. Learning to relax should be just as important as winning!
  34. Breathing should always be regulated to sustain balanced energy levels
  35. If you keep making the same silly errors examine your technique or mental barriers
  36. If you truly love the game of tennis pass on your knowledge and put a smile on someone’s face.
  37. All Tennis players secretly want to be rock stars
  38. Skip rope instead mindless running and your footwork will improve much faster.
  39. The key to having a great serve is to have a smooth rhythmic motion without any hitches
  40. Walk with your racquet in your non dominant hand in-between points to keep yourself relaxed
  41. When you step up to the line to serve visualize your target before you strike the ball.
  42. Do your homework when looking for a qualified teaching pro
  43. Every word you say to yourself during a match will have a positive or negative effect
  44. Concentration and commitment is what separates average tennis players from champions
  45. Look for the fire within to be great competitor
  46. When you’re nervous in a match concentrate on moving your feet and watching the ball earnestly
  47. Work on your strengths and minimize your weaknesses
  48. Learn to volley by controlling your hand and racket angle
  49. Get to the ball with your body instead of reaching with your racket.
  50. A strong mind is more important than flashy strokes.