This document will describe the attributes of a high performance tennis player and what is required to attain a solid foundation of technical stability, positive mindsets and outstanding athletic ability. This program is based on 1.5 hours per day 5 days a week pacing to establish proper movement patterns of serious tennis athletes, the drills are based on patterns that will build speed quickness and agility that will subsequently improve technique and overall confidence in all match situation. These exercises should be done with proper intention and focus to achieve maximum success.

Month 1: Movement patterns of the pros

  1. spider drills
  2. lateral shuffle
  3. explosive sprint
  4. rope skipping, all directions
  5. reaction ball
  6. ladder coordination
  7. vertical jump program
  8. Triangle drill
  9. Waist level ball catches
  10. Interval track sprints, and recovery
  11. Left foot, right foot dribble
  12. Split step timing drills
  13. Adjustment step and breaking
  14. Mini tennis master
  15. More skipping
  16. Serve volley foot speed
  17. Transition training
  18. X pattern
  19. Machine gun
  20. Angle cut drills